Truly smart home

Imagine a home that works for you in the background, automatically adjusting to your desired living conditions and offering a comfortable, functional, and secure home environment.

A perfect start to your day

  • The light in the bedroom turns on gradually before the alarm clock (sunrise simulation).
  • The heating is set to a comfortable temperature.
  • The coffee maker or kettle is turned on and the blinds are raised.
  • Before you depart for work, a reminder is played over the speakers.
  • When everyone leaves the house, the lights, TV, and heating or air conditioning are turned off.
  • If no one is at home, the robot vacuum cleaner starts cleaning.

Enjoy a comfortable and pleasant environment

  • The heating or air conditioning turns on before you get home depending on the temperature.
  • When you enter the house, a pre-selected playlist starts on the speakers.
  • When it starts to get dark, the lights gradually turn on in warm lighting.
  • If you turn on the TV, the lights dim and come back on when you turn the TV off.
  • When bedtime approaches, the lights are dimmed and the air conditioner is turned on in the bedroom depending on the temperature.
  • When you go to bed all the lights in the house turn off and the nightstand turns on.
  • The light in the bedroom has a different color if a window or door is left open.

Save energy and feel more secure

  • The lights turn off if there is no movement in the room for a few minutes.
  • If no one is in the living room, the TV turns off.
  • If no one is in the bedroom or there is an open window, the air conditioning turns off.
  • When you go to sleep, the heating is turned off or the temperature is turned down.
  • If there is movement at the front door, the entrance light turns on and the camera video feed appears on the dashboard.
  • If an outside window or door is opened at night, all lights turn on at maximum brightness and an alarm sound plays on the speakers.
  • An alert is sent to your phone if motion is detected when everyone is away from home or if a water leak is detected under the sink.
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