Home Automation Services

Home Automation Services

We provide home automation design and programming services, that will save you time and effort and improve the final result of your smart home. We offer our services remotely, to anyone in the world, but we specialize in European houses and devices.

Personalized smart home blueprint

An easy-to-follow, detailed plan, based on your needs, that will lead you to your ideal smart home. More specifically we will:

  • Identify the needs and desires of every member of the household
  • Define budget range and system scale
  • Identify the aspects that will provide the most value to the users
  • Find out the most suitable ecosystem for the client’s needs and budget
  • Design a reliable system that can work locally without cloud dependencies
  • Design a system that respects the owner’s privacy
  • Design a system that allows for flexible expansion and a wide range of supported devices
  • Design a system that collects a wide range of devices under a single app
  • Design automations that solve identified problems and automate common tasks
  • Find out what types of smart devices are required to implement the required automations
  • Find out how to cover all automations with the least amount of equipment
  • Limit devices to reputable brands or to devices that I have tested personally
  • Create a list of specific smart devices from stores accessible to the client
  • Make sure all devices are compatible
  • Document the benefits of the suggested system
  • Provide a step-by-step plan for implementation
  • Provide online tutorials from top creators on how to set up devices
  • Provide guides tailored to the specific system
  • Provide a list of online communities that can help with the process

The cost of the above services depends on the size of your home, and the scope of the system, and prices range from 300€ to 600€ or more. Contact us for a personalized offer.

Home automation programming for Home Assistant

We will soon launch our automation programming services, to help you create all the automations that will make your home truly smart. Sing up for our newsletter to be the first to receive news and offers related to our services.

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